General Questions

High Voltage Transformer, Estate/Security Gate House, Perimeter Fencing, Recreational Park & Gardens, Good Road Network, Adequate Security, Lounge, Mini-Mart, Mini-Soccer Pitch and a Basketball Court.

You will receive a Receipt and Contract of Sales.

You will receive a Registered Survey and Plot Allocation Letter.

The Global C of O, Deed of Agreement with land owners, Oyo State Approved Survey & Layout.

There is a 90-day deadline after payment of plots has been made to complete payment for survey and land agreement fee to avoid loss of allocation or be relocated to another plot or estate.

Other Questions

Yes, you can start building on the land after physical allocation and payment of the stipulated survey fee and agreement fee.

No. There is no limit to commence work on my land after allocation.

The size is 500 SQM.

A subscriber can resell his/her plot/property. However, a letter of notice of ownership transfer should be written to Toposyi Realtors.

No. All payments should be made into Toposyi Multinational Limited account or a cheque should be issued in favour of Toposyi Multinational Limited. Toposyi Realtors will not be responsible for anybody that goes against the above instruction.