African Real Estate Boom Predicted to Continue

Except you are not following what’s happening, the African real estate market is a growing one. Africa’s population, and particularly Nigeria’s population is on the rise, and with it comes an increase in consumer spending.

Nigeria has one of the youngest populations in the world, with more than half of them being under 30 years old. This is significant. Smart investors understand that it means that there will be more demand for housing solutions that caters to this age group, which will result in higher returns for developers and investors.

To add to this, Nigeria’s as a whole is projected to continue growing at a faster pace than any other region on Earth over the next five years—as well as outpacing other emerging markets like India and China over this period.

This means opportunities abound if you’re planning on investing in property.

The Nigerian economy is also expected to grow at a rate of at least 3% per year, which will help reduce unemployment and increase wages. The result of this is that there will be a higher demand for real estate because people need a safe place to live and invest in property as an investment vehicle.

There’s no doubt that there will be a lot of demand for houses, especially in Nigeria’s major cities. The smart thing to do is position to be at the top of this food chain. Starting small is the focus and scale up as more funds are available for you.

To properties below N5 million, you can begin your journey towards climbing that ladder and we (Toposyi Realtors) is well equipped to help you figure your next move.

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